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About Us


Welcome to Impact Leadership Group

Founded in 2004, Impact Leadership Group Inc. is an innovative consultancy that is dedicated to creating customized, high performance coaching and training solutions for leaders and sales organizations.

At Impact Leadership Group we believe the success of our clients is directly related to the quality, health and function of their internal and external business relationships. We support our clients to strengthen these business relationships by developing their emotional intelligence, improving team dynamics, coaching leaders at all levels, and inspiring sales force performance by focusing on three specific areas:

  • Strengthening business relationships (people)
  • Raising revenue (process)
  • Reinforcing desired results (performance)

Our vision is to create healthy and productive business environments in which accountable leaders make conscious choices and inspire sustainable results.

We enable leaders to understand the impact their choices have on others. We deliver practical techniques that empower leaders to influence, challenge and inspire workforces leading to more productive business relationships and real-time results.

I – Inspired by excellence    ​

We set high standards to achieve personal excellence and inspire performance in ourselves and others.

M – Motivated by honesty

We create open and safe situations for honest conversations and outcomes.

P – Performance driven

We are committed to delivering products and services to meet the real-time needs of our clients.

A – Accountable for our actions

We are accountable for our intended and unintended actions and take responsibility for our choices.

C – Conscious of our impact

We are aware of our thoughts, words, and actions, and conscious of the impact they have on others.

T – Thoughtful innovators

We pursue new and creative ideas that have the potential to make a difference in the world.

Our Team

David Robinson

David is the force behind Impact Leadership Group. He is a business relationship expert, emotional intelligence specialist, and master coach. Whether it is developing skillful emotional competence, improving leadership capability, or improving business performance, Coach Dave helps organizational leaders at all levels get the results they want.

Maja Cekrlija

Manager, Client Leadership and Learning Solutions
Maja brings a fresh, intuitive and insightful approach to managing Impact Leadership Group’s client relationships.  Whether it is leveraging her extensive experience in Human Resources and Learning and Development, her excellence in partnering with clients to achieve critical project milestones, or keen ability to map client needs to ideal interventions;  Maja creates learning solutions that...


Coach Dave’s Quotables

“Everything you need to succeed is within you or within your reach.”

“Change your words…change your world.”

“As leaders…we create impact with our actions and our inactions.”

“Relationships either evolve or dissolve.”

“After an interaction ask yourself…did you lift, limit or lower the status of your relationship?”

“In the absence of fact or fact-finding, people will resort to fiction.”

“It’s not what happened, it’s what happens next that matters.”

“We judge ourselves by our intentions while others judge us by our impact.”

“What I permit, I promote.”

“It’s often what people don’t say that speaks the loudest.”

“If someone else says it first it’s an issue, if you say it first it’s understanding.”

“The more we think we know…the bigger our blind spot grows.”

“The best way to find the path to freedom and fulfilment is by staying out of the woulds, shoulds and coulds.”

“When it comes to being productive, the engaged and invested people will find a way, the unproductive will find an excuse.”

“Some leaders teach their people to rely on them,and some leaders teach their people to rely on themselves…great leaders teach their people to rely on their resources.”


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