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Building a Culture of Integrity, Accountability, and Trust

Building a Culture of Integrity, Accountability, and Trust


No matter how clear the vision, how strategic the objectives, or how clever the idea, most organizations will eventually encounter difficulty getting individual contributors to consistently deliver on key objectives. How do organizational leaders inspire a culture of accountability, while maximizing engagement, maintaining a sense of safety, and building trust with their people?

This presentation will examine how accountability, trust, and emotional intelligence impacts organizational performance and how leaders’ actions or inactions can shape the overall health, quality, and function of business relationships.


  • Inspire self-accountability in others by accessing their accountability mindset
  • Identify the three main components of an accountability contract
  • Learn three main behavioural styles that impact accountability
  • Learn the five core emotional states and how to harness their potential
  • Identify the two types of trust that exist in the workplace, and how they impact performance

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