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Coaching and the Hero’s Journey

Coaching and the Hero’s Journey


Joseph Campbell’s work on the Hero’s Journey has been widely recognized as setting the foundation for most plot lines in movies today.  The Hero’s Journey (Character Arc) identifies the various stages that person goes through when confronting a challenge and then ultimately achieving success.  This presentation explores Joseph Campbell’s 12 stage “Journey of the Hero” and compares and contrasts it with a modified (5 stage) version adapted for coaching by Coach Dave.  In particular, we will look at how coaches can best support their team members, (coachees) or clients by understanding and identifying what stage in the journey their client or coachee is in currently, while learning various coaching approaches to take in order to enhance a positive coaching impact.


  • Identifying the 5 stages that each person goes through on their journey from challenge to achieving desired results.
  • Knowing how and when to leverage 3 specific approaches to coaching to gain commitment.

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