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Conquering Workplace Burnout — Turning Pressure into Productivity

Conquering Workplace Burnout — Turning Pressure into Productivity


Occupational Burnout is the result of unrelenting psychosocial, emotional and physical pressure that many employees experience in the workplace. Burnout can be characterized as a crises in a person’s relationship with work.  According to a recent Gallup study (July 2018), two-thirds of all full-time workers experience occupational burnout at some point in their career, which can lead to long term health issues, increasing job dissatisfaction and eventual career derailment.

Left unattended, burnout erodes an employee’s internal resources interfering with the ability to cope with the external demands of the business.  Now more than ever, organizational leaders must not only be able to recognizing workplace risk factors for burnout, but also understand how they might be inadvertently be contributing to the issue.

This workshop offers participants a clear understanding of occupational burnout and the associated impacts into the business.


  • Identify the signs and symptoms of occupational burnout.
  • Uncover behavioural patterns of leaders and employees that contribute to a burnout culture.
  • Apply preventative measures to intervene or reduce the impact of burnout on employees
  • Build mental and emotional resilience.
  • Adopt and lead with a resilience mindset that inspires discretionary effort.

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