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One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching


Ideal for the senior leader, mid-level leader or high potential contributors, these highly customized sessions begin with an in-depth preliminary needs assessment that typically starts with interviews with a senior OD, HR, training or management sponsor to clarify issues, and create agreement on expectations of the customized coaching program of choice.

Utilizing a proven approach of direct questions with supportive feedback and customized activities, clients are drawn out of their zone of comfort, then challenged to gradually step beyond their perceived limits and stretch to new levels of performance. It is from this place that we mirror back to leaders the impact of their decisions and/or actions, illuminating potential blind spots and offer/support new ways of leading.


  • Create action plans that align with organization’s objectives
  • Generate committed actions and face accountability
  • Consider fresh perspectives to help move closer to desired results
  • Maximize potential and increase productivity
  • Build self-confidence to face challenges and meet organizational demands
  • Action plans and commit to measurable outcomes

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