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Burnout Survey Answer Key

What your answers may mean: 



If you score was

Congrats! You are chillinin the Burnout free Zone. What’s your secret?  Consider mentoring  others in the art of working free from burnout.

If you score was

Hey, Not bad! You seem to have found your low burnout-groove.  While things are working well for you, remember to watch for increasing demands on your time and energy; these can sneak up on you when you least expect it. 

If you score was

Caution: That heat that you are feeling at work lately, might be the early signs of burnout.  Remember to balance the amount of time and emotional energy you spend on work, with the time needed to enjoy your personal life. 

If you score was

Whoa! Time to slow down: you may be operating in the high-risk zone for professional burnout.  It is important to create professional boundaries that help protect your energy, time and wellbeing. We recommend some ruthless prioritization.

If you score was

Ouch! Feeling a bit burnt and crispy lately? Seriously, while this pulse check is intended to offer a light-hearted reminder of the importance of paying attention to professional burnout, if your answers landed in this zone; you might be feeling seriously burnt out and depleted. Please seek support from others to restore your ability to cope emotionally, as well as your sense of  purpose, and connection to others.