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the impact factor

We specialize in upskilling leaders in order to create sustainable business growth grounded in healthy, inclusive, and vibrant organizational cultures.


We ensure we have an in-depth understanding of your desired results and current talent context before we recommend any program or solution. 


We have a proven track record of building custom leadership development programs that meet your leaders where they are, and build serious capacity. 


We take a human-centred approach to leadership development; a co-creative process that blends design thinking, adult learning, coaching and strategy. 


We are emotional intelligence experts who know how to help leaders cultivate the psychosocial precursors to high performance; in themselves and their teams. 


We are on a mission to bring humanity back to work by offering strategies to avoid burnout and promote growth; in every sense of the word.   


We know it's hard to grow in status-quo, so we gather insights about your strategic goals, current talent programs, engagement concerns and cultural aspirations. We use a human-centred needs assessment approach to get an integrated view, so we can laser focus on what will provide the greatest impact.


Technical knowledge and managerial capability are no longer enough to move a business forward. To inspire trust, alignment and a future-ready workforce, we need well-rounded humans to lead our organizations. Emotionally intelligent leadership is the next frontier and we specialize in it.


The foundation of great leadership is mutually satisfying relationships, so we build strong partnerships and learning communities. Shared purpose happens when trust is built and we co-create a  path to change. We involve key stakeholders early, and ensure everyone participates in

shaping organizational  outcomes.


Our team is  experienced in leading and learning so we keep it real...our passion is creating programs that balance empathy and achievement. We do this with a commitment to excellence, attention to detail & personalization. We deliver powerful results because we know how humans work, and how they learn at work.


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As a Managing Partner with Impact Leadership Group, Christine’s specialty is working collaboratively with HR and leadership teams to help them rethink or augment their Talent, Culture, Employee Experience, Change, and Leadership Development strategies.


To her projects, Christine brings years of HR executive experience specializing in Talent Management, Leadership Development, and Organization Development.

As an Executive Coach, Christine brings  deep insight and guides leaders and teams to reach for practical solutions while inspiring personal growth, and expanded emotional intelligence.


Christine is a certified coach who holds a BA in Psychology, a Post grad diploma in Human Resources Management, and a M.Ed. in Adult Education and Counselling, with a specialization in Workplace Learning and Change. She is currently Vice Chair on the Career Edge board, an organization that provides internships that remove barriers to meaningful employment.


Christine's personal mission is to co-create a more generative future through the pursuit of a more humane, equitable and inclusive Future of Work.



For 15 years, David Robinson has been the inspirational force behind Impact Leadership Group Inc., an innovative coaching and leadership development consultancy specializing in learning programs that help people leaders upskill their emotional intelligence, resilience and influence. 


Known for his humble and humorous delivery, Dave has a talent for creating safe, fun and relatable learning experiences that confront the status-quo and create meaningful change.


In 2019, David and his team expanded their program offering to include an emphasis on mental-health awareness in the workplace by providing burnout intervention and prevention strategies to people leaders at all levels. Now more than ever, creating vibrant and high-performing cultures begins with understanding the bio-psycho-social needs in an organization. 

David is a certified coach with a Bachelor of Commerce and a MA in Counselling Psychology. 


David’s personal mission is to make the world safer for everyone by destigmatizing mental-health in the workplace. 

impact values


We set high standards to achieve personal excellence and inspire performance in ourselves and others.


We actively work to develop co-creative and collaborative partnerships with all our clients.


We are committed to delivering services that bring humanity back to leadership and work.


We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for our commitments and choices.


We are aware of our thoughts, words, and actions, and strive to be conscious of the impact they have on others.


We pursue new approaches and creative ideas that have the potential to make a difference in the world.








Karen Armstrong

Grand River Conservation Authority

We hired Dave Robinson to provide coaching at the senior management level. Coach Dave is very perceptive and direct which leads to powerful and effective conversations and his sincerity, warmth and ability to engage with people on a personal level creates a safe environment for sharing and growth. I would highly recommend Impact Leadership Group’s services as an effective tool to enhance executive communication and leadership skills.

Gareth Ingram

Teledyne DALSA

Dave is a gifted coach for leaders and those with ambition to grow. He provides an invaluable service to me and my senior team and plays an instrumental role in helping us navigate organizational change.  When I am faced with challenging organizational decisions or managing conflicting perspectives, Dave has a talent for reading people and situations to cut through the noise and keep people focused on what matters, helping us deliver results. Dave continues to be an invaluable resource to me and my team.

Jenny Hobbs


Impact Leadership Group customized leadership development and coaching for our leadership team. They ensure you are focusing on developing skills that drive strategy. ILG built out a program that addressed leadership skill gaps that helped our leadership team come together and co-create guiding principles that align to our values and are linked to our competencies and helped us operationalize them.  We have a lot more growth we want to see- and work with their emotional intelligence program is potentially next!



City of Kitchener



Engineering HRA

Equitable Life

Grand River Conservation

Lake Simcoe CA


Manitoba Blue Cross

Otonabee CA


Science Publishing Group


Sun Life Financial

Teledyne DALSA 

Turner Fleischer


Wilfrid Laurier University

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