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Workish: If you can't change your boss, change your boss: The Workish guide to resigning

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The Great Resignation is upon us and jumping ship can seem like the thing to do these days. Considering a job transition is a big deal and can be more disruptive and emotional than we realize so it's important to be deliberate. The grass is not always greener and every workplace has it's issues.

Given everything we've all been through, what matters most may have shifted for us so we suggest taking time to assess any changes in your personal mission, priorities and values.

Having done that, if your work situation appears out of alignment and if you've tried to address the disconnects and the situation appears to be intractable or even toxic; we offer some tips on how to be intentional about when and how to make a move.

Read the full article at The Financial Post featuring Christine & Dave from Impact Leadership Group here.

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